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African Wildlife Sculptor and Photographer Doug Aja

Bronze Sculpture "Second Chance " by Doug Aja

Bronze Sculpture "Second Chance " by Doug Aja

Douglas Aja began sculpting and casting in bronze in the late 1990s, combining his lifelong interests in African wildlife and art. Though he is interested in all African wildlife, his favorite subject is the African Elephant. Many of his elephant sculptures are of known individuals from Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. These elephants are world renown having been studied by Dr. Cynthia Moss and her research team (Amboseli Elephant Research Project) since 1972. In 2011, Doug was honored as Wildlife Artist of the Year by "Wildscape Magazine" for his emotionally stirring bronze sculpture "Mourning Erin."

Since 2005, Doug has also been showing and selling photographs of African wildlife, including photos of one of the world's most celebrated elephants, "Echo" of Amboseli Park. In 2011, Doug won the "Wildscape Magazine"wildlife photography competition in black & white for his portrait of "Echo." Doug has been a longtime supporter of Amboseli Elephant Research Project as well as Dr.Joyce Poole's ElephantVoices. A large portion of his sales proceeds from both his sculptures and photography are donated to these two vitally important organizations. In 2008, Doug donated his bronze work, "Echo & Calf" for a fundraiser for Elephants and ElephantVoices with Dr. Joyce Poole. He repeated this heart-felt contribution in 2009, when he donated "Battle Weary" and two photographs, "Echo" and "Through the Shadows". The fundraisers were presented by the Los Angeles Alliance for Elephants.

Doug's bronze elephants are in the private collections of Dr. Cynthia Moss, Dr. Joyce Poole, Martyn Colbeck and the Bennington Center for the Arts. He is a signature member of Artists for Conservation and an associate member of Society of Animal Artists.

Doug is a shining example of extending one's artistic talent to speak for Africa's endangered wildlife. His work promotes, educates and cultivates conservation and protection of Africa's greatest icon, the African Elephant. He is also a wonderful resource for travel and safari in Kenya's most treasured national parks. Please feel free to contact him; he is a joy to speak to and a wealth of information and inspiration.

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African Wildlife Photographer Billy Dodson

Photo Compliments of Billy Dodson

Photo Compliments of Billy Dodson

When we first fell in love with Africa, we became photo junkies searching and perusing hundreds of African wildlife photography web sites and blogs. One day we came upon “Savanna Images” the web site of African wildlife photographer Billy Dodson. He had a stirring image of two elephants touching foreheads in a moment of mutual respect and tenderness. To this day, we hold this image in our heart and in our mind’s eye as we attempt, in our small way, to advocate for the survival of these magnificent animals. Mr. Dodson’s eye for intimacy, interconnection, subtle emotion and movement is breathtaking. His portfolio is replete with landscapes, profiles, elephant herds, majestic bulls and elephant family interactions. Mr. Dodson’s selection of elephant mothers with calves and calves discovering their new world will delight you. Mr. Dodson frequently tops all this talent off with a touch of humor that makes you smile. We love his work and applaud his efforts to awaken the public eye to the beauty and complexity of Africa’s wildlife and its struggle to survive among a burgeoning human population.

Billy Dodson first became interested in photography while on a mountain climbing trip to Tanzania in 2001. He visited East Africa for the first time as a photographer in 2005, and has since returned to Kenya and Tanzania several times for the purpose of photographing African landscapes and wildlife. His work has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best Photography, Asian Photography and Virginia Wildlife magazines, and in posters and calendars around the world. Mr. Dobson’s primary purpose is to advance the cause of wildlife conservation, he donates his images to the African Wildlife Foundation, the Nature Conservancy and a number of other conservation organizations. He is also a supporter and patron of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization that is deeply committed to preserving and expanding giraffe habitat in addition to protecting these most extraordinary animals.

| Billy Dodson's Website | Billy Dodson's Facebook Page | Giraffe Conservation Foundation |

African Wildlife Photographer Federico Veronesi

Bull in musth Photography by Federico Veronesi

Mud bath time Photography by Federico Veronesi

"I spend most of my time in the Masai Mara NR, in a camp where I have my private semi-permanent tent. It’s a home among the Elephants, the Leopards and the Baboons that visit me regularly! I also visit regularly the other parks of Kenya, mainly Lake Nakuru NP, Samburu Game Reserve, Amboseli NP and Tsavo West NP. While I am out on a game drive I am always looking for images where the beauty of the animals is enhanced by light, contrast, shape, composition, or the environment around them. I am very keen on images that portray moments of intimacy and unusual behaviours of the animals. I love backlit subjects at sunrise or sundown. I love the dust raised by the Elephants as they walk and the mist in the morning after a night of rain. These are the kind of images that thrill me the most."

In 2011, Federico was the Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious "Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Award" and received two "Highly Honoured" awards for images in the African Wildlife Category. In 2007, Federico became a member of KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. Each year he accompanies small groups of photographers in the Masai Mara N.R. and in other parks of Kenya and Northern Tanzania, sharing my passion for the African wildlife and helping his guests live some truly unforgettable moments in the company of the extraordinary animals of Africa.

Federico lives much of his life in the bush observing, photographing and honoring the animals he so loves. He is a dedicated conservationist and supports many of the organizations listed under Emissaries for Elephants. His photography is breathtaking and commands an intimacy with Africa's Wildlife that one would expect only in their immediate presence. He has been very gracious to allow us to showcase several of his pieces for this site. His web site has an extensive selection of prints in both color and black and white. He is also a professional safari guide and offers many opportunities to explore Kenya's greatest national parks. Enjoy!

| Federico Veronesi Website | Federico Veronesi Blog |

Photographer and Community Based Conservationist Marcus Westberg

Mother and calf in Maasai Mara Photographery by Marcus Westberg

Mother and calf in Maasai Mara Photography by Marcus Westberg

Marcus Westberg is a photographer with an eye for the wonders of the wild and a passion for keeping them that way. He has always held a special spot in his heart for Africa and expresses this love through his photography. What Marcus captures through his lens is the drama and beauty of nature at its most raw. Recently, Marcus was based in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, where he is conducting a research project on the roles of tourism and local communities in conservation. He is also involved in various wildlife monitoring projects, which allows him to spend much of his time out in the bush alone with the wildlife, capturing moments in a way that he hopes will inspire others to care about the world’s wild places and animals.

As a researcher and conservationist, Marcus is involved in numerous projects: In the Maasai Mara, he is working with a number of different animal monitoring projects, such as Living with Lions and Elephant Voices. He assists &Beyond, a luxury travel adventure organization in the Maasai Mara, and the Mara Conservancy with monitoring of leopards and black rhinos in the Mara Triangle and the Oloololo Game Ranch. He spends time assisting with projects run by the Anne K Taylor Fund which focuses on community based conservation and the protection and preservation of Africa's predators. A particularly interesting project Marcus is committed to is Walking with Maasai which addresses conservation and sustainability issues in one of the remotest areas in Kenya.

Born in Sweden, it is in the wilds of sub-Saharan Africa that Marcus feels most at home, and it is these places and the moments he spends there that he most wishes to share through his photography. These fragile ecosystems are, like many others around the world, constantly under threat, and raising awareness of what the world stands to lose and of the beauty that still abounds is what Marcus ultimately wants his work to accomplish.

| Life Through a Lens Website | Life Through a Lens Facebook | Recent Marcus Westberg National Geographic Article |

"Art that invites us onto the raw, tender edge of reality can wake us from our slumber."

~an art lover~

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